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- A -
Susan B. Anthony Picture
Susan B. Anthony
American Civil Rights Leader
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John Adams - Inaugural Address
Samuel Adams - American Independence
Jane Addams - Why Women Should Vote
Spiro Agnew - Television News Coverage
Madeline Albright - Wingate University Speech
Susan B. Anthony - Women's Right to Vote

George W. Bush - September 11th Address
George W. Bush
43rd President of the United States
Menahem Begin - Everything is Open to Negotiation
Albert J. Beveridge - The Phillipine Question
William Jennings Bryan - Cross of Gold
William Jennings Bryan - 1900 Democratic Presidential Acceptance
Tony Blair - Address to Irish Parliament
Simon Bolivar - I will Act as Trustee of the Supreme Authority
Napolean Bonaparte - Farewell to the Old Guard
Sarah Brady - 1996 DNC Keynote address
Pat Buchannan - A republic not an Empire
Edumund Burke - The death of Marie Antoinette
Barbara Bush - 1992 RNC Speech
Barbara Bush - Wellesly College
George Bush - Conditions in Somalia
George Bush - 1991 State of the Union
George Bush - Defense of Saudi Arabia
George W. Bush - 2000 RNC Presidential Acceptance
George W. Bush - A new approach


- C -
Winston Churchill Picture
Winston Churchill
British Prime Minister
John C. Calhoun - Slavery a positive, a good
Stokley Carmichael - Black Power
Stokley Carmichael - "We ain't goin'"
Jimmy Carter - Energy Crisis
Jimmy Carter - Camp David Accords
Fidel Castro - Tommorrow will be too late
Carrie Chapman Catt - NAWSA 1900 Presidential acceptance
Shirley Chisholm - Equal rights amendment
Warren Christopher - A new generation of Russian Democrats
Winston Churchill -Their finest hour
Winston Churchill - Blood, Sweat & Tears
Winston Churchill - The miracle of Dunkirk
Winston Churchill - Iron curtain
Bill Clinton - 1998 State of the Union
Bill Clinton - First inaugural address
Bill Clinton - I mislead people
Bill Clinton - Farewell to DNC
Hillary Clinton - Address to AMA
Hillary Clinton - Address to 4th UN Women's Congres
Russell Conwell - Acres of diamonds
Father Charles E. Coughlin - Roosevelt or ruin
Mario Cuomo - 1984 DNC Keynote Address


- D -
Frederick Douglas Picture
Frederick Douglas
American Social Reformer, Orator, Writer and Statesman

Edouard Daladier - Nazi's aim is slavery
Clarence Darrow - Mercy for Leopold and Loeb
Jefferson Davis - Resignation from the US Senate
Jefferson Davis - First inaugural of Confederacy
Eugene V. Debs - The issue
Eugene V. Debs - Statement to the court
Eugene V. Debs - Canton Ohio Speech
Thomas Dewey - A politician, a political ally
Bob Dole - Eulogy of Richard Nixon
Bob Dole - 1996 RNC Presidential Acceptance

Elizabeth Dole - Duke Commencement Address

Elizabeth Dole - Honors her husband at 1996 RNCFeyodor Dostoevsky - A celebration on the centenary of Pushkin's birth
Frederick Douglas - Plea for free speech in Boston

W.E.B. DuBois - The talented tenth


- E -
Albert Einstein Picture
Albert Einstein
Theoretical Physicist
Edward VIII - Abdication of the Throne (The King's Speech)
Jonathan Edwards - Sinners in the hands of an angry God

Albert Einstein - Peace in the Atomic Era

Dwight D. Eisenhower - The Domino effect
Dwight D. Eisenhower - Atoms for peace
Dwight D. Eisenhower - Address to British Parliament

Dwight D. Eisenhower - Farewell Address
Ralph Waldo Emerson - The American Scholar
Edward Everett - Those Who Laugh at a Drunken Man

- F -
Mary Fisher Picture
Mary Fisher
American AIDS Activist
William Faulkner - Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance
Geraldine Ferraro - 1984 DNC VP Acceptance
Mary Fisher - A whisper of AIDS
Jane Fonda - Broadcast over radio Hanoi

Gerald Ford - Pardon of Richard Nixon

Gerald Ford - Presidential Acceptance

Harold Ford, Jr. - 2000 DNC Keynote Address
Benjamin Franklin - Disapproving & Accepting US Constitution
J.W. Fulbright - The clear and present danger

- G -
Newt Gingrich Picture
Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
Mohandas Gandhi - The strength of satyagraha
William Lloyd Garrison - The Death of John Brown

Marcus Garvey - A separate black nation

Lou Gehrig - Farewell to baseball

Richard Gephardt - End of Democratic Rule

Richard Gephardt - A plea for civility

Newt Gingrich - Address to the nation

Elizabeth Glaser - 1992 DNC speech

Emma Goldman - What is Patriotism?

Barry Goldwater - 1964 RNC VP Acceptance

Mikhail Gorbachev - Westminster College Address

Al Gore - 2000 DNC Presidential Acceptance

Al Gore - The national information infrastructure

Al Gore - 2000 DNC Presidential Acceptance

Al Gore - Harvard Commencement Address

Al Gore - 1992 DNC VP Acceptance

Kareena Gore-Shiff - 2000 DNC Speech

- H -
Herbert Hoover Picture
Herbert Hoover
31st President of the United States
John Hancock - Boston Massacre oration
Warren Harding - Return to normalcy

Patrick Henry - Give me liberty or give me death

Charlton Heston - Truth & Consequence

Anita Hill - Testimony to Senate Judiciary Committee

Adolf Hitler - Justification for the blood purge
Adolf Hitler - Invasion of Poland
Adolf Hitler - Closing Address to Nazi Party
Herbert Hoover - 1928 campaign speech
Hubert H. Humphrey - In support of civil rights

Hubert H. Humphrey - 1964 DNC VP Acceptance

Hubert H. Humphrey - Stump speech

Thomas H. Huxley - An examination of Darwin

- I -
Harold Ickes - What constitutes an American  

- J -
Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition Speech
Jesse Jackson
American Civil Rights Activist

Andrew Jackson - First inaugural address
Jesse Jackson - Common ground and common sense
Jesse Jackson - Rainbow Coalition
Thomas Jefferson - First inaugural

Jesus - The sermon on the mount

Lyndon B. Johnson - Voting rights act of 1965

Lyndon B. Johnson - Let us continue

Lyndon B. Johnson - The Great Society

Lyndon B. Johnson - Camranh Bay

Lyndon B. Johnson - Renounces the Presidency

Barbara Jordan - Statement on Impeachment
Barbara Jordan - 1976 DNC Keynote Address


- K -
John F. Kennedy Photograph
John F. Kennedy
35th President of the United States
Florence Kelley - Child labor and women's suffrage
Caroline Kennedy - 2000 DNC Speech
Edward Kennedy - Truth & Tolerance in America
Edward Kennedy - Eulogy of Robert F. Kennedy
Edward Kennedy - Tribute to John F. Kennedy Jr.

John F. Kennedy - Cuban Missle Crisis

John F. Kennedy - 1960 DNC VP Acceptance

John F. Kennedy - Inaugural Address (Ask Not...)

John F. Kennedy - Address to Houston ministers

John F. Kennedy - I am a Berliner

John F. Kennedy - Civil Rights message

John F. Kennedy - We choose to go to the moon
John F. Kennedy - American University speech
Robert F. Kennedy - Eulogy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. - I've been to the mountaintop
Martin Luther King, Jr. - A time to break the silence

Martin Luther King, Jr. - I have a dream
Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream Photograph
Martin Luther King, Jr.
American Civil Rights Activist

- L -
Abraham Lincoln Photograph
Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States
Robert LaFollette - The perils of passive citizenship
Robert LaFollette - Defends free speech in wartime

Dalai Lama - Spirituality in today's world

Vladmir Lenin - Speech to a street crowd

John L. Lewis - The rights of labor

John L. Lewis - Protection for miners

Abraham Lincoln - Second inaugural address

Abraham Lincoln - First inaugural address

Abraham Lincoln - Finale of Lincoln-Douglas debate

Abraham Lincoln - A House Divided
Abraham Lincoln - Last public address
Abraham Lincoln - Gettysburg Address

Charles Lindbergh - America First

Henry Cabot Lodge - Opposes league of nations

Huey P. Long - Share the Wealth

Huey P. Long - Every man a king

- M -
Golda Meir Photograph
Golda Meir
4th Prime Minister of Israel
Douglas MacArthur - Farewell to Congress
Douglas MacArthur - Farewell to USMA
Malcolm X - The ballot or the bullet
Malcolm X - Confronting white oppression

Nelson Mandela - I am prepared to die

Nelson Mandela - Glory and Hope

Mao Tse-Tung - The people's democratic dictatorship

George C. Marshall - The Marshall Plan

Karl Marx - The sovereignty of the proletariat

John McCain - 2000 RNC Speech

Eugene McCarthy - Denounces the Vietnam War

Joseph McCarthy - Debate with welch during senate trials

William McKinley - Pan-Am exposition address
Golda Meir - Peace in the Middle East
Cheryl Mills - Statement on Impeachment

Francois Mitterand - The rule of law
Mother Teresa - Nobel lecture

- N -
Richard Nixon Photograph
Richard Nixon
37th President of the United States
Richard Nixon - Checkers Speech
Richard Nixon - The Great Silent Majority
Richard Nixon - Vietnamization

Richard Nixon - First inaugural address
Richard Nixon - The Watergate Affair
Richard Nixon - Cambodia

Richard Nixon - What freedom means to us
Richard Nixon - Resignation

- P -
Colin Powell Photograph
Colin Powell
U.S. Secretary of State
Thomas O. Paine - What lies ahead in space?
George Patton - Pep talk to troops on D-Day
Pericles - Funeral Oration

James K. Polk - Inaugural Address

Pope John Paul II - Israel's holocaust memorial speech

Colin Powell - 2000 RNC Speech

- R -
Ronald Reagan Berlin Wall Photograph
Ronald Reagan
40th President of the United States
Ronald Reagan - 1980 RNC Presidential Acceptance
Ronald Reagan - Eulogy of Challenger Crew
Ronald Reagan - First Inaugural Address
Ronald Reagan - A time for choosing
Ronald Reagan - The fight against terrorism
Ronald Reagan - Moscow State University speech
Ronald Reagan - Bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut

Ronald Reagan - Evil Empire
Ronald Reagan - Speech at Point Du Hoc
Christopher Reeve - 1996 DNC Keynote
Condoleeza Rice - 2000 RNC Speech
Ann Richards - Eulogy of Barbara Jordan
Ann Richards - 1988 DNC Keynote
Eleanor Roosevelt - The importance of libraries
Eleanor Roosevelt - Speech to the ACLU
Franklin D. Roosevelt - Declaration of War

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Four Freedoms

Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1st fireside chat

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Arsenal of Democracy

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Fourth inaugural address

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Grilled millionaire
Franklin D. Roosevelt - America has not been disappointed
Franklin D. Roosevelt - First inaugural Address

Theodore Roosevelt - Lincoln & the race problem

Theodore Roosevelt - First inaugural address

Theodore Roosevelt - The strenuous life

Theodore Roosevelt - A square deal

Theodore Roosevelt - The man with the muck rake

- S -
Adlai Stevenson Cuban Missle Crisis Photograph
Adlai Stevenson
American Politician & U.N. Ambassador
Margaret Sanger - Moral necessity for birth control
Norman Schwartzkopf - Operation Desert Storm

Ann Howard Shaw - Fundamental principles of a republic
Margaret Chase Smith - A declaration of conscience
Socrates - The apology
Elizabeth Cady Stanton - The destructive male

Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Declaration of Sentiments and resolutions

Adlai Stevenson - 1952 DNC presidential acceptance
Adlai Stevenson - 1952 DNC presidential acceptance
Adlai Stevenson - Cuban Missle Crisis
Lucy Stone - Disappointment is the lot of women

- T -
Harry Truman Photograph
Harry S. Truman
33rd President of the United States
Alexis de Tocqueville - Gale of revolution in the air
William H. Taft - Inaugural Address

Mary Church Terrell - What it means to be a woman

Clarence Thomas - Defends his conservatism
Leon Trotsky - Inspiring the Red Army
Pierre Trudeau - Reflections on Peace and Security
Harry Truman - The Truman Doctrine

Harry Truman - Know nothing, do nothing congress
Harry Truman - Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima
Sojourner Truth - Ain't I a woman?
Mark Twain - Defense of General Funston

- W -
George Washington Farewell Address
George Washington
1st President of the United States
Booker T. Washington - Democracy & Education
George Washington - Second Inaugural address

George Washington - First Inaugural Address

George Washington - 1790 State of the Union

George Washington - Officers Revolt
George Washington - Farewell to the Nation
Walt Whitman - In Memory of Thomas Paine
Elie Wiesel - The Perils of Indiffernce
Kaiser Wilhelm - Outrage at the Boxer Rebellion
Wendell Wilkie - Eulogy of Lidice

Woodrow Wilson - 14 Points

Woodrow Wilson - Defense of the League of Nation
Woodrow Wilson - First Inaugural Address
Woodrow Wilson - Second inaugural Aaddress

Woodrow Wilson - War message

  Boris Yeltsin Photograph
Boris Yeltsin
1st President of the Russian Federation
- Y -
Boris Yeltsin - Address to United States Congress
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